Thursday, January 26

Moody Monthly: January | LIVE

Stop Motion

There's not a day that goes by that I'm not inspired by the world around me. But when it comes to combining these inspirations into a cohesive theme to share, I fall flat on my face repeatedly. That is until now...

I've got a plan ( & i plan on sticking to it as best as i can) for this year. I wanna explore my creativity and deliver content I'm proud of. I want to create something organic and carefree as well as structured and cohesive. 

So I talk a big game but what can you expect???!!
Each month will come with a mood board with the focus of the month, a playlist to vibe to, plenty of inspiration, dope things to buy jam packed into a lust list, plenty of #ootd pictures, book, movie, tv reviews, & a glimpse into my life as I pretend to have this whole "ADULTING" thing down.

Join me in my exploration of the world around me (aka my social media apps) and discover what makes life dope af!


Tuesday, August 9

Looking Back: Graduation | LIVE


It has been 2 long years since I graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and time has certainly flown by. I would call it the biggest accomplishment of my life, not because of the importance placed on it by society, but more so because it was a goal I accomplished through pure determination. I wanted something, worked my ass off for it, and didn't give up when it got too hard which made walking across that stage so defining. It was solid and tangible and mine. Of course, I had the naive notion that I'd graduate, land an internship or a job that would set the course for the rest of my life but honestly for the last 2 years I've been flailing around trying to land on something solid but meeting nothing but shaky ground. I'm slowly starting to realize that maybe the plans that I've had for my life aren't exactly what will make me happy in the long run. Basically I'm taking a hard look at reality.

 I still want the same things out of life: happiness in the little moments, big adventure, stability and endless shopping sprees. I just believe now that it may not come to me the same way it did to LC on "The Hills" (which fueled my fashion as a career dreams and helped me believe I could attain it). I still have my career dreams but now I have other ambitions as well. I want to always be able to create things that I'm proud of. I want my squad filled with ambitious, creative beings who inspire me and challenge me to always go above & beyond and branch out of my comfort zone. For the past 2 years, I've been in limbo and I no longer wish to be there. Finally I realize that if I want all these things out of life, I have to go and get them, just like I went after my degree with fierce determination.  I want to take risks now. I wanna dance outside my comfort zone. I want to make a life, I don't wish to vacation from.

(Grandma, Mommy, me & God-Mommy)


Wednesday, June 15

Mood Jaded | Vibe


adjective jad·ed \ˈjā-dəd\

made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience

We all go through it. Love makes fools of us all. Some of us bounce back, some of us become jaded. And as of late, I've felt hella jaded, hella discouraged, hella lost. Don't worry, some boy hasn't broken my heart. I just felt like all the things I love and feel passionate about weren't gonna be apart of my life for long & I wasn't gonna live the life I'd always envisioned.But I had to let that train of thought go, I had to speak positivity into my life and stop begging my dreams to come to me and actually go out and chase them. 

This mix embodies that whole headspace for me. 
Upbeat yet chill, scared, nervous, anxious, hopeful, headstrong and poised for action.
Just sit back & let the music take you where ever you need to go.

For every crush that crushed your spirirt, 
for every one-night stand that lasted more than night, 
for every relationship that went sour,
 for every time when you felt 
JADED because LOVE.

Please make sure you download the mix and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite song is from the mix.


Thursday, May 26

Summer Steeze: This or That | Style

I often find myself wanting to reinvent my style or even just revamp what I have going on when I hit a style rut. It's in these moments that I step out of comfort zone and live a little. All month long, I've been searching for something new to add to my wardrobe and I've been torn between switching my style up or adding some much needed sparkle to my current look.

So what I usually do when faced with dilemmas like this, I search the internet for inspiration and then sit on POLYVORE for hours drafting up outfit ideas. These are the two looks I've come up with, "this" screams sexy sophisticated sporty (tongue twister, I know) while "that" screams colorful quirky sporty. Both looks have sporty elements and take me away from the All Black Everything looks I've been gravitating to lately.

This or ThatThis or That: Vol I

This or That: Vol I by fashionablydope featuring Urban Outfitters

Let me know in the comments below which look you prefer & I'll recreate it in a future post.


Monday, May 23

Music Mondaze | Vibes

Music is my life, I swear it is. As far back as I can remember, I was a curator of music. I always stole blank CDs from my brothers to create new playlist that I childishly called "baby girl's mix" or the cult classic "Atta's mix vol. I - XIII". It became a routine to me to create a new playlist for me to jam to throughout the month. When iPods came into the mix, I started creating not only monthly playlist but mood mixes as well like "shower power" or "emotional rollercoaster". These mixes not only helped me through my rough patches in life but also became the soundtrack to my life. To this day, a song will play and I'll be transported to a moment in time and its associated playlist.

I've decided to bring back this tradition in miniature form here on my blog. Each Monday, I'll release 5-10 songs that just do it for me. Not sure exactly what format they'll come in just yet, so I'll need your help with choosing what works best. Leave comments below on what works best for you whether that be a downloadable track, a sound cloud playlist, Tidal playlist, spotify playlist or an emailed link to one of those or maybe even an option I didn't think of.

Now we get to this weeks mix which I have entitled: Mood: No Love Lost.  Life has been stressful not only in the professional sense but in the emotional sense as well. Let's just say I'm feeling very Drake writing Marvin's Room as of late so these songs match my mood. Sensitive, hypnotic lyrics played over soothing beats with just the right amount of I'm a boss to not make you call your ex to say I miss you. Just good music to listen to at TwoAM when you're feeling lonely.

Please make sure you download the mix and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite song is from the mix.



Friday, May 6

I Inspire Me | Style

 I've been watching a lot of Sailor Moon this past month, 
and discovering more street style IG pages
 plus trying to tap into my inner girly girl 
so here are images that perfectly sum up my current vibe. 


Sunday, March 6

Bomb Threat | S T Y L E

How About a quick little #TBT on a Sunday! Here's a blog post that I never posted from last year.

Monday, February 1

2am Love Story | Live

Only in the silence, I find myself.
Life in the city is so hectic
that you lose the right perspective,
It's important to know that our biggest 
resources are in our heart.
- Rabindranath Tagore

This year I vowed to find more inspiration in the world around me than social media. I vowed to read more beautiful words printed on pages than posted online. I vowed to unplug from the world every once in awhile in order to hear my own voice. These days, we're overstimulated by all this technology at our fingertips and constantly watching the lives of our peers and celebs. Sometimes a break is needed in order to keep our sanity so I decided to fulfill that vow by revisiting one of my first loves, books. I purchased 3 books of poetry by African-American women not only because I wanted to support my sisters but because I felt that our pain would be similar & I needed something that could make sense of the rush of emotions I've been feeling lately. I found all 3 poets via Social Media and I hope to find more artists via social media with printed works I can purchase. But enough rambling, let's get to the book.

The first book I read was For The Love OF 2AM: Poetry for Insomniacs x Zena White.

I discovered Zena on Instagram and fell in love with her feed. It was full of so much self-love and positive imagery and I literally scrolled down well over 15 weeks. All throughout her feed I kept seeing the cover of this book, which I later realized was hers. I immediately searched for it on Amazon & found it. The title of the book definitely sold me because I am a night owl & lover of the night. I often get my best ideas or do my best work after midnight.

The preface page reads: Dedicated to the right sided mind left to wander the night.

And just like that I was hooked. Zena's poems are full of heartbreak, self-discovery, growing pains, joy and love. I loved that her poems weren't overly dark but still expressed sorrow & regret.  There were so many lines that I connected with immediately and then so many lines that crept up on me and captured me without me even realizing it. All in all it is a beautiful book of poems and insight.

The last poem on the book gave me a new mentality about dealing with moments in life "Write that shit down, document it, date it & post it on your wall." I often fall into the trap of stressing over what is yet to be done while forgetting all the amazing things I've already accomplished and just how far I've grown. So I just want to remind you like Zena reminded me that

You are a warrior.

Are you following through with your new year resolutions?

XOXO Siatta Konah


Tuesday, January 26

So I Creep | Tube

Rihanna is the end all be all in my books. If I have Rihanna, I know I need nothing else. Okay that was a tad bit extreme but I seriously love her. Her music gives my a feeling of freedom and her style makes me pea green with envy. She seriously can slay anything she wears which is why Puma decided to make her a creative director. I literally died when I saw her creepers and knew I would do whatever it took to get my hands on them.

When Rihanna posted this picture on her IG I knew that this was the colorway I wanted and was very disappointed that they weren't released. Her first release featured three colorways: black/white, black/oatmeal, and oatmeal. I decided to wait to see if she would release other colorways and luckily she did her second release in November of 2015. This release featured three new colorways: pink/green/oatmeal, navy/cool blue and (MY LOVES) off-white/oatmeal.

Since I love these shoes so much, I've decided to do a mini lookbook with them on.
& with this lookbook finally start up my YouTube channel.

On my channel, I want to inspire girls just like me to live fearlessly in their outfit choices as well as living a carefree lifestyle. I'll be doing personal style look books, as well as how I style, mood videos, trends, ootd ans so much more. With this being my first video in over a year, it is shaky but I couldn't be more proud of the direction I am going. So here's to providing more quality content for yall!!

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Thursday, December 31

2015 Reflections | Live

2015 is over...

2015 is OVER.


I read a question posed online a few days ago that said "Describe 2015 in one word" If you would have asked me this a few weeks ago I would have said, frustrations or disappointments but today I think I'll go with Growth! I can happily say that with everything that went wrong this year, I have grown more into the woman I've always envisioned. I am selfish with my time, my energy, my love and more tolerate, peaceful, and happy in my own skin. As I reflect on the past year I realize that I set some huge expectations for my life in 2015. I was a new graduate with this idea that I'd live the American dream, a great job, a fly new place, a dope ride, a man I am helplessly in love with & adventures all over the globe. But I soon came to realize that I wasn't as sure of myself as I thought and way too cocky in areas I shouldn't be. All this year, I've felt stagnant and stuck in a position in life that I wasn't ecstatic about with no real idea on how to escape it.  I now know that I must embrace where I am and give it my all. I now know that I must move out of my comfort zone  sometimes and that every seemingly great opportunity isn't meant for me. I realize that achieving my dreams is gonna take busting my ass and doing things even when I'd rather do nothing. I have learned to go with flow and to say yes to changes (even if I hate it). I've grown a new appreciation for my family and friends and how they always believe in me even when I'm not too sure of myself. They know I am capable of greatness which sort of made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. I had lost my faith in myself for awhile there and with some meditation and soul searching, I've centered myself. I am more sure of my path. I am so pumped up about creating a life worthy of being called dope

I am currently thankful for 2015 and all it's lessons and I am looking forward to my 2016 blessings.

xoxo Siatta Konah

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